Soccer Silicon Valley is a grassroots organization consisting of soccer fans, soccer players, business leaders, and political leaders with a goal of creating a permanent home for professional and recreational soccer in the Bay Area. A business trade association, we will advocate for the development and construction of a soccer facility which will permanently house the San Jose Earthquakes, the Bay Area’s only professional soccer team, and provide playing fields for the use of the entire soccer playing community in the Bay Area.

If you believe that soccer deserves a permanent home in the Bay Area, you can join Soccer Silicon Valley by clicking on "Join Us" in the menu at left. Here's a partial list of our members.

Founding Members/Board of Directors
Soccer Silicon Valley's Founding Members started the organization and work as volunteers. To contact us, please use the "Contact Us" page here.

Don Gagliardi
Founder and President
Jay Hipps
Founder and Vice President
Freddy Adames
Board Member
David Chamberlain
Board Member
Lori Hibbett
Board Member
John Jussen
Colin G. McCarthy
Founder and Past President
Mike Turco
Ned Zuparko
Board Member

Honorary Members
Soccer Silicon Valley Honorary Members are the members of the soccer, business, and political community that by their special status in the community, their passion for soccer, and their stated willingness to support soccer in the Bay Area deserve special recognition.

LaKeysia Beene
Former San Jose CyberRays Player

The 2004 San Jose Earthquakes
Jeff Agoos
Arturo Alvarez
Chris Brown
Brian Ching
Ryan Cochrane
Jon Conway
Ramiro Corrales
Steve Cronin
Troy Dayak
Dwayne De Rosario
Tighe Dombrowski
Landon Donovan
Todd Dunivant
Ronnie Ekelund
Wes Hart
Roger Levesque
Brian Mullan
Richard Mulrooney
Pat Onstad
Eddie Robinson
Chris Ronér
Ian Russell
Craig Waibel
Jamil Walker

Marlene Bjornsrud
Associate Director of the San Jose Sports Authority and former General Manager of the San Jose CyberRays
Joe Cannon
Goalkeeper, L.A. Galaxy and U.S. National Team
Former goalkeeper, San Jose Earthquakes and Santa Clara Broncos
Brandi Chastain
Former US Women’s National Team, CyberRays player
Club Quake
Official Supporters' Club of the San Jose Earthquakes
Jim Cunneen
President & CEO of the San Jose and Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce
Scott Knies
Executive Director, San Jose Downtown Association
Shawn Medved
Former San Jose Clash player
Latin Reach, Inc.
Former CyberRays player

Johnny Moore
Former General Manager and Player for the San Jose Earthquakes
Member, U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame
Ken Yeager
San Jose City Council

Forrest Williams
San Jose City Council

Members Bay Area
Soccer Silicon Valley is signing up new members everyday. These individuals, businesses, teams, and leagues of the Bay Area and Northern California have pledged their support to Soccer Silicon Valley as a way to voice their desire to create a permanent home for professional and recreational soccer in the Bay Area. Business and league members include:

South Bay Adult Soccer League AYSO Menlo Park/Atherton
Palo Alto Adult Soccer League Peninsula Soccer League
Castro Valley Youth Soccer League AYSO Section 2
Almaden Valley Youth Soccer
Redwood Junior Soccer League

Members at Large
There are even soccer supporters from outside Northern California who recognize the importance of soccer to our community. Major League Soccer's all-star game and its championship match, MLS Cup, are events broadcast nationally on ABC-TV and draw fans from across the nation as well. Similarly, many American soccer fans recognize the importance of creating a permanent home for soccer in the Bay Area, a region known for its diversity, sophistication, innovation, and economic might. We welcome them as Members at Large.